Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bucco News, Bradenton Style

With the Pirates in town, the Bradenton Herald -- the newspaper of Bradenton, Fla. -- is giving an all-out effor to cover the team, so make sure to check out its Web site for another point of new.

Today, staff writer Mike Henry offers up his version of Nutting being in camp. It looks like ever writer in the world took the opportunity to write about this one as it happened. Was it really that slow of a news day that this was the main story on everyone's mind?

Henry also states that Luis Matos allows the Pirates to have some flexibility.

Also, be sure to just check out the paper's home sports page for the coolest part of its baseball coverage. Staff writer Roger Mooney is doing a seven-part series on the different pitches in baseball. As of now he's done six parts with the seven on its way. They are a very good read and I'd encourage you to check them out.
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