Thursday, August 30, 2007

Harang Shuts Down Bucs

Everywhere you look Aaron Harang continues to get referenced as a sleeper pitcher that doesnt get the respect he deserves. Baseball writers continue to emphasize that because he isnt in a sexy market, most fans don't know who, or how good, he really is. However, i think its fair to say that hitters in the National League know who Aaron Harang is, and more importantly, they know how good he has been.

Harang, who led the NL in K's and W's last year and is 14-3 this year threw a complete game shutout against the Pirates last night, allowing 2 hits, and striking out eight. Griffey Jr. and Brandon Phillips homered in the 8-0 win, handing the Pirates just their second loss in the their last eight games.

Bay and Kata had the Pirate hits. Ian Snell was roughed up to the tune of 7 runs in 5 and a third.

For at least the second time this year, Ian Snell was involved in some sort of a dispute with a teammate or member of the coaching staff. This one was a short argument with Chacon in the clubhouse before the game, and neither player would specify after the game.


- Snell is the 377th pitcher against which Griffey has homered

-Thanks to Jason Bay's double, Pittsburgh kept alive a club-record streak of 88 consecutive games with at least one extra-base hit

-Jack Wilson should be available today

-King Salomon had a shot in his arm, literally, yesterday. He might pitch again in 07

-Sean Burnett also got an injection yesterday. He still might need surgery that could cost him 2008

-Duke Welker will not be shut down for 07 after all and should make one more start for State College before instructional league

-Zach Duke will start Saturday for AAA Indy

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