Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Press row

The Stats Geek over the Post-Gazette takes a look at the Pirates' batting order for the 2007 season. He says there's only three for sure things in the lineup, so why not try to get all of them up in the same inning. Again, Stats Geek backs up his opinion with plenty of stats.

According to Dejan, with Tomo Ohka out of the picture the Pirates are now focusing their attention on Tony Armas Jr.

The Pirates Caravan made a stop in Uniontown Monday to sign some autographs and meet with the fans. The Connellsville Daily Courier did a little piece on what went on. I just like to see the Buccos making a stop near my hometown. The Uniontown paper, the Herald-Standard, also has a story on this.

With Mike Gonazalez out of the closer role for the Bucco bullpen, Matt Capps hopes to gain a larger role at the back end of the bullpen -- maybe even at closer.

West Virginia's Dominion Post has an article about the Bucs thinking winning thoughts now that LaRoche is on board.
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