Saturday, January 20, 2007

Traded Players ZIPS

We took a look at the ZIPS projections for the 2007 Pittsburgh Pirates a little while back but today I just took a minute to look at the projections for three of the players involved in the Laroche-Gonzo deal. Jamie Romak does not have projections for 2007. The ZIPS projections are as follows:

Adam Laroche .279 with 26 homeruns, 78 RBI, 97 K's, .346 OBP and .535 SLG.
We should note that all of these numbers are worse than LaRoche's career season of 2006 with the exception of strikeouts and OBP.

Mike Gonzalez 5-1 with 2.45 ERA. 65 K's and 26 BB's in 55 innings.

Brent Lillibridge .251 with 8 homeruns and 40 RBI, 54 BB, 99K in 450 at-bats. Also 32 stolen bases in 44 attempts.

-Here is an interesting site note. When Jamie Romak was eligible for the draft a few years back, the Pirates had a lot of interest. In fact they may have been the most interested pre-draft team. But when Romak was drafted by the Braves, he had this to say:
"I was afraid Pittsburgh would step up because they'd shown the most interest. I was so happy to go to Atlanta." -London Free Press

Hope Jamie isn't afraid to come to Pittsburgh anymore.
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