Friday, March 16, 2007

News Catch-Up

-Will Einar Diaz make the Pirates roster? He has work to do if he wants to back up Ronny Paulino.

-Zach Duke will start the Pirates opener in Houston, while Ian Snell will start the Bucs home opener against the Cardinals.

-Jack Wilson looks like a brand new Jack Flash this spring with his defense back to where it was before the 2006 season. The Pirates had until today to cut Humberto Cota or Shawn Chacon, although neither is expected to be let go.

-Jonah Bayliss was worried he broke his hand today when a batted ball came right back at him, but the hand is not broken, its just sore.

-Shawn Chacon is happy in Pittsburgh, in fact he prefers it to New York. I don't know if I believe him yet.

-Worried about Saloman Torres closing games for the Bucs? At least he's not worried himself.
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