Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sean Burnett

A report on The Sporting News about Sean Burnett surfaced yesterday and has been used in some papers today.

Burnett says he is 100 percent healthy. That's great news to add more depth to the rotation, especially when it comes to a 24-year-old who may have some upside left in him. As always, coming off a surgery is tough and Burnett showed that last year in AAA. He says he wasn't really ready and that everyone coming back will have that one roller-coaster season.

If that's the case, then his year will be huge for Burnett. He had a lot of success in the minors and has tasted success in the majors. He's still young and he's another lefty. I don't rule Burnett out of the future plans, yet. But he's sure got a lot to prove.

But if he's gotten better at everything like Littlefield says:

"I see an improved fastball, more life to the fastball, more crispness to the breaking stuff, and I'm definitely encouraged that he's getting back to where he once was," Littlefield said. "In some ways, he's a more mature pitcher now, and appears to be very serious about wanting to make this team."

...then he should be the greatest pitcher ever. Here's to you, Sean.
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