Monday, March 05, 2007

Pirates tie Blue Jays, 8-8

Dejan reports.

The Pirates, 0-4-1, remain winless in Spring Training. Though, Brad Eldred has hit his third home run of the spring. It's very encouraging to know that Eldred is performing like this. He's basically putting on a show for the rest of his career. It's doubtful he ever stays with the Pirates, so if he can bump himself up to trading bait for at least an American League team, then that's great. I'd love to see him succeed somewhere, because it's just not going to happen in Pittsburgh.

I'm starting to think him being on the Pirates' bench would be the best thing. Besides, as Dejan has said, how many times do we need a pinch-hit home run in a game? He could be of some use in that regard.
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