Thursday, December 14, 2006

Broussard Available for Buccos?

With the impending trade of Jose Vidro to the Mariners, playing time should decrease and may even flatly stop for first basemen Ben Broussard, who is considered to now be on the trade block.

Would the Pirates considering trading for Broussard? The avenues to find Mr. McThump have been drying up lately, but Broussard could provide an almost mini-McThump. He doesn't exactly fit the bill, he will be 29 for the entire season and has never clubbed more than 21 homers in a season, but he also hasn't hit less than 16 since 2003. He also hasn't had 500 at-bats in a season. Had he got 500-plus last year, he would have been on pace for 25 bombs.

With the Marniers trading Rafael Soriano to the Braves, the M's could seek bullpen help, which we all know the Pirates are willing and able to move.

On the Mike Gonzalez trade front, this article gives off the belief that Brian Cashman is considering including Melky Cabrera in a trade with the Pirates.
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