Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter Meetings Day One

Before the winter meetings even kicked off, the Cardinals have made it known they may want to re-sign Jeff Suppan and are actually leaning in that direction. Apparently the 12 other teams who showed interest in Suppan have convinced the Cardinals to listen to his demands.

The Pirates have shown interest in Atlanta Braves First Baseman Adam LaRoche but the Braves had not made it known that he is available and the price tag would almost certainly include closer Mike Gonzalez.

The Pirates are not one of the teams considered to be in the running for Rockies starter Jason Jennings, who is apparently on the trade block. However it is my opinion that Jennings could be a good fit for the Pirates. Although Jennings is a free agent after 2007, if the Pirates could trade for him and then sign him, I would be impressed. I will admit that the rumored price tag for Jennings, a starting pitcher and center fielder, is a bit steep.
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