Sunday, December 24, 2006

No Physical for Gonzo, Suppan to Brewers

Despite an absolute flurry of rumors that Mike Gonzalez was headed to New York in a three team trade throughout Friday and Saturday, Gonzalez tells John Perrotto that he's still a Pirate and there haven't been any moves towards him changing teams yet.

The Internet and radio rumors went as far as to say that Gonzo was in New York to have a physical with the Yankees, a suggestion that Gonzo quickly denied.

"I've been right here with my folks getting ready to enjoy Christmas," Gonzalez said Saturday by phone from Deer Park, Texas in suburban Houston. "I've heard the trade rumors just like everyone else. I don't pay much attention but my buddies tell me about them. But nobody has approached me and said I'm being traded to the Yankees or any other team."

"Gonzo Gate" has spiraled somewhat out of control on the Internet and on the radio, with no one believed to have any actual and factual "inside" information. Understandably a big trade involving the Pirates is a nice Christmas present for Pirate fans, but the overblown reports before anything is announced are beginning to cloud the situation.

In other Pirate-related news, the Brewers have come to terms with Jeff Suppan on a four-year deal. According to published reports the deal is worth 42 million over the length of the contract.

This continues the trend of the Pirates announcing their interest in a popular free agent, only to come up with a sub-par offer and never really be in the race for the player's services. Suppan wanted a four-year deal out of the gate and the Pirates made it known they offered only two years. This deal also opens another door for Shawn Chacon to become the fifth starter for the Pirates, a move that I personally believe is a tremendous mistake on the Pirates behalf.
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