Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heating Up? -- Bucs Win

What Tom Gorzelanny did Monday night shouldn't surprise anyone.

What the Pirates offense did, however, is still a little shocking.

7 Runs on 11 hits, against Dontrelle Willis no less.
Including four more hits from Freddy Sanchez. And two RBI's.
Solo RBI's from Jason Bay and Chris Duffy.
A solo homerun, the Pirates first during their offensive breakout, by Ronny Paulino.
And a two-run double by Jose Castillo.

That makes two straight games the Pirates offense had 10+ hits.
And two straight wins.

Are they heating up for good?

Oh, and that Gorzelanny guy, he was pretty good too.
7 shutout innings, 5 hits, NO WALKS, and 5k's.
Record moves to 5-2 with a paltry 2.36 ERA

Maybe we should all stop drinking beer?

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