Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just My Two Cents...

There have been some pundits, some minds around the Pirates who continue to harp on the Pirates lack of defense. They continue to overstate the way the defense is costing the Pirates games and how the Pirates will never win without defense and blah blah blah.

This team can't win because this team CAN'T HIT.

It's not that complicated.
Teams who can't field have won the World Series.
Teams who can't pitch have not.
Teams who don't hit better have extraordinary pitching. The 2007 Pirates, do not. Their pitching is good, it's not extraordinary. No staff with Tony Armas and Marty McLeary will be considered "extraordinary."

Then there is another theory gaining steam that states the Pirates aren't in "that bad of shape" because they dont have an offense, a closer or any other thing necessary to compete and are still only four games under. 500!!!!!

Its ridiculous.

Its idiotic.

Its even, ludacris.

Incredible hair out of him...

What fantasy world are fans living in that makes them believe what is happening with the Pirates right now is different than the norm? Or that it will improve?

Pirates hitters fall into three current categories.
1. Overachieving
2. Underachieving
3. We don't know yet
4. Can't hit in the clutch

Here are the overachievers:
Jack Wilson (a career .266 hitter, hitting .280)

Here are the underachievers:
Adam LaRoche (Yes, his career numbers aren't based on that long of a time, but there isn't much to support the idea of him hitting .170)
Freddy Sanchez (He's always hit, and will almost certainly hit above .300 this year. I agree with anyone that says he will turn it around.)
Xavier Nady (I'll give them this one. We don't really know what he is capable of, but in almost a full year, he hit .280 last season.)
Jason Bay (Easily the best player on the team, avg will almost certainly go up)

Here is who we don't know:
Ronny Paulino (One year)
Jose Bautista (No clue yet)
Chris Duffy (The definition of "no one knows")

Cant hit in the clutch:
All of them

So I assume Bay and Sanchez are the two players who can hit close to .300 on the team and can be count on for that much. As for the rest of them, there is no way to count on them for anything? I don't see any proof that would back the idea that the Pirates offense will DEFINITELY improve. I am not saying it won't, I am merely stating that I don't understand the idea of saying, "at least we are winning some games while not hitting, just imagine what happens when we start."

That idea of starting, is not guaranteed in the least.
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