Thursday, May 03, 2007

Raise the Jolly Jose -- Bucs Win

Baseball is a game of numbers, right?

Look at the numbers of Dave Bush, George's cousin, coming into the game.

2-2, 6.23ERA, 1.45 WHIP

So the Bucs gotta jump on him early. Really come out of the gate.

No LaRoche, Nady and Doumit in. Jim Tracy can't win in this situation.

Nady has produced. But LaRoche needs at-bats if hes ever gonna break out.

Fans would persecute Tracy if Doumit's bat wasn't there. So, no right answer.

Duffy, Jack, Freddy...get it going.

Then again in the third. And the fifth. And the sixth.

Then Jeff Manto said he has had enough, either hit or you're cut.

- F. Sanchez doubled to deep center
- J. Bay doubled to right, F. Sanchez scored
- J. Bautista homered to deep left, J. Bay scored
- R. Paulino homered to deep right center

These guys can stay. The rest might be cut. Just like that, 4-2 Bucs.

Capps works the bridge to Trainwreck Torres.

One walk later, Game Over. Bucs Win.
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