Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Prince Fielder Show -- Bucs Lose

Prince Fielder had the type of game Sunday that would make anyone proud.

Even his Daddy...

Fielder, who of course was involved with the hit-by-pitch fiasco the night before with Matt Capps, homered twice, had 3 hits, drove in three runs, made a diving play at first and scored the most important run of the game on a single by Bill Hall, narrowly avoiding the tag of Ryan Doumit.

It was a man's performance. It was a day you dream of.

It should also be remembered as the day that Prince Fielder started a personal rivalry with the Pittsburgh Pirates. After he beat the tag from Doumit, Fielder arrogantly shouted and flexed at Capps who was walking back toward the dugout. It wasn't simply a "I'm happy i scored" reaction, it was a "in your face, eat it, and if you don't like it, come do something about it" reaction.

I don't know how it will sit with the Pirates, or with Capps. God knows, the Pirates have bigger problems, but I know it didn't sit well with me. I thought it was unnecessary arrogance from a guy who hasn't played long enough to earn a lot of people's respect as one of the games greats.

As for the rest of the game, the Pirates continued to buy into the

"2007 Pirates Outline of Defeat."
1. Get sub-par starting pitching (Armas went 5, 3 earned, walked two)
2. Don't hit for at least five innings (No Runs for six innings, only five hits through six)
3. Have one breakout inning to tie the game or go-ahead (The Bucs scored four in the 7th)
4. The bullpen blows it and you lose (Capps/Grabow, 2IP, 2 Runs)
Frustrated? We are too.

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