Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We All Stink -- Bucs Drop Two

Excuse Alan and I.
The posts around here have been about as interesting as this letdown season of "24"

No word if Nassir is a Pirates fan. It is confirmed shes smoking hott.

I didn't get to see much of Tuesday nights game at all and I missed Wednesdays entirely.

Heres what I know --
1. The Pirates lost two games in one day, somehow
2. Soriano used the Pirates to heat up
3. Cliff Floyd absolutely hammered a ball Tuesday night
4. Jonah Bayliss needs some days off
5. The Brewers are clearly the best team in this division

Heres what I don't know...
1. Will Adam LaRoche hit? Ever?
2. Will Doumit ever come out of the lineup? Ever?
3. What happened to Ian Snell?
4. Are we losing Chris Duffy to the Chris Duffy of old?
5. Can we avoid a sweep in Brew Town?

You say you want recaps of the last two games....

...the Pirates didn't win. There you go.

Alan and I could return to posting for this weekend. Or not. Its Cinco de Mayo.
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