Friday, May 11, 2007

An Obvious Difference -- Bucs Lose

Isn't it funny how little things make the difference.
A likely playoff team vs. one that hasn't been there in a decade.
The difference was built in the sixth inning.

For the first five innings, Sir Zach Duke had it crusin'. 1-0 Bucs.

This may or may not be the inside of my car...

Then in the sixth, he rattles off two quick outs before a shot to center by Chipper.

Nady goes crashing into the wall, ball goes in the glove and out. Double.

Then it all comes unraveled.
- A. Jones homered to deep center, C. Jones scored
- J. Francoeur homered to deep left
- B. McCann singled to shortstop
- M. Diaz singled to center, B. McCann to second

Sir Duke in the dugout after getting pulled...

4-1 before you blinked. And you just knew the offense wasn't bringing us back.

It didn't.

Ball Game.

Like I stated above, baseball is about little things and this game was full of them.

For instance, take the bottom of the fourth. Bucs hitting, no score.
first and second, nobody out, domes at first, bay at 2nd, nady singles sharply to right and cox holds bay at 3rd. laroche drives him in with sac but would bay have gone home and scored and would domes have been at third for laroches fly?

I understand the argument you hold Bay there with no outs, but isn't the Pirates offense a valid enough excuse to send Bay there and take the chance. If Domes and Nady both move up on the throw you have 2nd and 3rd with one out, worst case, and you get the run with LaRoche's sac anyway.

Second thing that bugged me was Nady's at-bat in the sixth. Davies just allowed a walk and a double and he is obviously tiring and you are down three runs and not only do you swing at the first pitch, but you put a half swing on it. If you are gonna swing there, that ball has to be in the cock zone. Say what you want, but a hitting coach or manager has to be installing more discipline there, IMO.
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