Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time for a Change -- Bucs Shutout

It's not the answer. I won't fight that. It isn't all Jeff Manto's fault that Chris Duffy can't hit the ball to the left side of second base. Or that Jack Wilson is a career .266 hitter. Or that Adam LaRoche isn't hitting his weight.

It's not ALL his fault.

But I mean, come on. Lets shake something up, make something happen. Send a message, do something different, because at what point does it become obvious to the people within the Pirates organization that what they are currently doing, isn't working.

Of the six guys who played tonight that are most likely part of the Pirates "everyday lineup",

Duffy, Sanchez, Bay, Nady, LaRoche and Bautista...

...they finished 1-for-21. ONE - FOR - TWENTY ONE

I am dead serious, DEAD SERIOUS, when I say that if Alan and I each got 21 at-bats against a contact pitcher like Marquis, we could each get one hit. There is zero doubt in my mind.

What else can I say about tonight? Great starting pitching, No hitting. I am running out of material for recaps.

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