Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A little come from behind.

Same old Bucs and lackluster Duke in the early on.

One inning - 1-0 Cubs.

Two innings - 2-0 Cubs.

...and with Rich Hill on the mound. Not a good recipe for a Pirates win.

But then Duke settles in. He pitches yet another ugly game. More hits than innings pitched and barely any strike outs. Who cares, though, when your offense starts to back you up.

Think if that guy was leading the offense.

LaRoche singles in a run. Paulino doubles in another. Bay homers in the eighth. Three runs on seven hits for the Bucs proves to be enough. Capps secures the win, Torres gets the save, although he gets rocketed again in the process. A nice win.


1 Star - Zach Duke (Quality start.)
2 Stars - Ronny Paulino (Game-tying double.)
3 Stars - Jason Bay (Game-winning home run.)
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