Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jump Start My Heart -- Bucs Win Series

Hey, if every time Jim Tracy is going to log on and read this site, he will change the lineup around with the goal of getting the offense going, I got no problem expressing my disgust.
Disclaimer: I am positive my writing had nothing to do with today's win.

Either way, we'll take a 6-4 win and a series from the Cubbies in Chicago.

Domes keeps it rollin' and is now hitting .442. It would seem too obvious to state that he should play EVERYDAY but something tells me it isn't that obvious to Pirate management.
Not a bad start out of Pauly Walnuts. Looked like the stats could have been really pretty until the final two bombs by Pagan and Barrett.

And who woulda thought that what the Pirates offense really needed was a start from Carlos Zambrano, who for the second straight year, is off to a rough start and has an ERA near 6.00

Couple questions about this upcoming weekend series:

1. How long is the leash for Ronny Paulino? Will Doumit take a few starts from him this weekend? Or even on a more permanent basis?

2. Where will Jack Flash end up in this lineup? Is he better in the 2 or the 8? Where will he produce more?

3. Jose Bautista would seem to me to be a great fit in the 2, will he stay there?

I don't need answers now. I'm actually feeling good about this win and I'm going to enjoy it.

A very accurate picture of me as I left work today after the win...

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