Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One Step Back -- Bucs Lose

The Pirates went back to their old ways Tuesday night.

And by old ways, I mean making a sub-par pitcher look great.

Tonight's Cy Young Winner, Sergio Mitre.
Mitre wasn't exactly dominating. He did allow eight hits and two runs in 7+.
But he also came in 0-2 this year with a career 5.49 ERA.

Safe to say he picked up his first win of the season and the Bucs two-game win streak ended right there, at two games.

Offensively, Jose Castillo continued his audition to get out of Pittsburgh with two more hits.

And Adam LaRoche had two more hits, raising his average to .179, but it is significantly better than that in the month of May.

Possibly most interesting of all, was the lack of offense from Freddy Sanchez.
Sanchez, who had been mashing the last two nights, didn't have a hit and the Pirates, as a whole, didn't produce.

It's not fair to say there is a direct correlation, but it certainly was evident Sunday and Monday that Sanchez was very timely with his hits and it helped propel the offense.

Finally, lost in the mess that is Tony Armas 2007 season, is the rought start of Paul Maholm.
With the exception of that dominating CG, Maholm has been pretty bad.
Six more innings and five more earned runs on Tuesday.
ERA balloons to 5.67 with a 2-5 record. Ouch.
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