Saturday, April 14, 2007

3-2 Cards loss Dogs

This game feels like it was forever ago, and since I was also upset with the Pens loss, doing the dogs just slipped my mind while I was at work and enjoying my weekend. So, since I know everyone has been waiting, let's get right to it.

1 Dog - Jack Wilson (6 left one base. If Duffy goes 3-for-4 and doesn't score a run, we're doing something wrong.)
2 Dogs - Brad Eldred (Big Country had his chances and didn't do a thing. 5 left on base for him.)
3 DOGS - Salomon Torres (I hate to do this, but the home run to Chris Duncan makes me. Get it together, Torres.)

Now, let's all forget about this series and move on. Winnable games, but we lost all of them. And as Matt already said in his furious post, it was exactly what the last 14 years have been.

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