Sunday, April 29, 2007

Win streak over .500 again. The one day above it sure was nice.

There isn't much to say about this loss to Reds. Gorzelanny pitches his worst game of the year and Matt Belisle pitches the best game of his career.

Seriously, Matt Belisle?

The little winning streak spoiled us all. The Bucs returned to their old self in this game, meaning they couldn't hit anything. Props to Duffy to bringing home Paulino for the only run.

Resume play today against Aaron Harang. If it stays like this game, look for Harang to K at least 12.


1 - Jack Wilson (0-for-4, an off game, a dog nonetheless.)
2 - Jonah Bayliss (not a good outing in his inning of work.)
3 - Tom Gorzelanny (pick it back up next start, kid.)
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