Saturday, April 14, 2007

Barry says Goodbye

Ah, the series every Pirates fan waits for each year. Pirates vs. Giants -- and a chance to give Barry Bonds all he can handle. Nothing tops dropping monopoly money on the guy though when he first left Pittsburgh.

And what better way to combat our arch-nemesis than to have one of our young, top dogs on the hill. This will be great. That is, until Zach Duke forgot how to pitch.

After that, the rest was history. The Giants scored five in the first and two in the second. However, there's still a chance when Russ Ortiz is your opposing pitcher. As we all know, Ortiz is currently being paid by the Diamonbacks to not pitch for them. After being releases last year, the Giants picked him up off the scrap heap. It's amazing this guy has a freaking job. But, somehow, he shuts down the entire Pirates offense.

Ortiz used to be a 20-game winner -- that's more unbelievable than Don Kelly and John Wasdin making our roster.

BUT -- you saw the game. Bonds homers twice and shoves it in our faces. We strand runners like crazy and somehow Chacon gets to bat with two runners on and one out. We were down 8-2 at the time, but come on. Pinch hit and make something happen. Bucs lose, 8-5. The three runs in the ninth were pointless. Sorry Duffy.

Dogs of the game:

...listen, I'm going to change this up a bit. I usually give one, two and three dogs for a total of six dogs per loss. Well, I see only two things worthy of dogs, so I'm just going to divide it up evenly.

3 DOGS - Zach Duke (For not showing up.)
3 DOGS - The Offense (For not realizing the season started a week ago.)
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