Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Dogs of the season

So we aren't going to finish 162-0, oh well. Last night's game brings about the first dogs of the season. For three games now, guys have been battling for stars, but we'll see who fell off this time.

1 Dog - Maybe I'm being a stickler for this one, but Paulino's throw down to third when Freel was stealing was absolutely horrendous. It didn't even make it to the bag. It allowed him to score a run that was essentially meaningless, but Paulino has got to pick it up. We can't have another Kendall behind the plate.

2 Dogs - Jason Bay/Adam LaRoche. Combined 0-for-7 with 2 strikeouts and three left one base. We need more.

3 Dogs - Paul Maholm has got to take this one. The first starter to not throw a good game. We need Maholm to do something this season.
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