Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last night's Dogs

Man, there's so many choices for last night's dogs. By the way, 2 Stupid Dogs is the best show you've never seen. Do some downloading, show these dogs some love. They have more smarts than Bay, who throws to third after that fly out in the ninth? Seriously...who?

As for the dogs, it goes like this today:

1 dog - Adam LaRoche. (Good lord, dude. Hit the ball already.)
2 dogs - Jason Bay (I learned in t-ball to throw to second in that situation and keep the tying run out of scoring position. And I know you had shoulder surgery before, but what a weak throw on the play at the plate. You were throwing from deep shortstop Bay, coming in on the ball! Get it together.)
3 DOGS - Salomon Torres (Blow a two-run lead. I know Wasdin eventually lost it and he's a bum, but come on, it should have never gotten to Wasdin. A two-run lead Torres.)
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