Friday, April 20, 2007

Fear the Wolf Pack -- Bucs Lose

The weather in LA called for rain.
Jim Tracy called for the worst possible defensive team the Pirates could field.
He got it.
Top One, after Flash singles, and moves up on a heads-up play, Nady drives him in.
1-0 Bucs.

Then Tony Armas had to face 'Team SpeedRacer.'

No one beat this kid

Armas walks Furcal. Pierre rips a ball Castillo would have turned two on.

Freddy can't get to it, Furcal wheels to third as Eldred over throws 2nd.

Pierre steals 2nd. Two RBI's for Nomaaaahhhh, as Eldred doesn't even try to throw home.

2-1, Blue.

The second inning was inconclusive. In the third, the Merry Go Round started.

14 Straight Years...

- J. Pierre singled to first

- J. Pierre stole second

- N. Garciaparra walked

- J. Kent singled to left, J. Pierre scored, N. Garciaparra to second

- L. Gonzalez singled to center, N. Garciaparra scored, J. Kent to third

- R. Martin hit by pitch, L. Gonzalez to second

- A. Ethier hit sacrifice fly to deep left, J. Kent scored

- W. Betemit singled to right, L. Gonzalez scored, R. Martin to third

- R. Wolf doubled to deep right, W. Betemit and R. Martin scored

During the commercial break, I realized something. These new Pirates commercials.
Have you listened to these people? To the responses?
'I wanna watch baseball.'
'I wanna spend time with my family.'
'What else is there to do?'
How many people said, 'I wanna be part of a pennant race.'
'I wanna root for a team that isn't a joke.'

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