Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good for Adam -- Bucs Win

If you stayed up for all 16 innings last night, you were rewarded with a Bucs win.

They didn't deserve it. But they got it.

The Pirates got a great start from Zach Duke, step one in the "How the Pirates Win Games" process guide. They got a few, A FEW, hits when they needed them including a bomb from Big Country.

But King Salomon wasn't good, his defense was worse and the Bucs blew the lead in the ninth.

Then it took seven more innings of at-bats before the Pirates could scratch a run across.

I am genuinely happy for Adam LaRoche, nevermind the trouble he is causing my fantasy team.

One thing you will notice on this blog, is that I won't hesitate to praise someone when it's deserved. And I certainly won't hesitate to dog someone when deserved as well.

With that said, I owe a tip of the cap to a few guys.

First, Shawn Chacon, who I think is the worst pitcher on this staff and is one of the most over-paid players in Major League Baseball. However, I can't fight what he has done this year, including 4 shutout innings last night.

Second, Brad Eldred, who must read Bucco Wire, because I told him last night, that if he is going to get starts, he must produce. Good work Bradley.

Third, Chris Duffy. I keep having the feeling that at some point he will cool off, that he will revert back to last April/May Chris Duffy, but he hasn't yet. 5 stolen bases, three more hits last night, and he's almost up to .300. Can't ask for much more.

Now lets get the sweep this afternoon...
3 Stars - 1 Zach Duke
2 Shawn Chacon
3 Adam LaRoche, why not?
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