Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Wheels Come Off -- Bucs Lose

So much for that outstanding starting pitching.

And so much for that no-jump-start offense.

So much for that .500 record.

Paul Maholm did not have his best stuff, six runs in four innings, and despite the fact that the Pirates offense scored four runs in the first three innings, the Reds battled back and beat the Pirates, 9-5. The Pirates fell to 11-12 on the season.

In the 2nd, Jose Bautista continued his clutch hitting driving in a run with a ground rule double before Maholm helped himself with a two-run double. 3-0 Bucs.

After a Reds run in the 3rd, Doumit doubled in Bay to make it 4-1.

Then disaster struck. The 'one big inning' the Pirates must avoid came to head.

It was called the Top of the Fourth.
- J. Conine singled to center
- J. Conine to second on passed ball
- A. Gonzalez walked
- A. Dunn walked, J. Conine to third, A. Gonzalez to second
- E. Encarnacion tripled to deep center, A. Dunn, J. Conine and A. Gonzalez scored
- A. Harang singled to center, E. Encarnacion scored
- B. Phillips doubled to deep right, R. Freel scored
The Encarnacion triple is what we like to call, "The Big Blow."

Joe Lansdale obviously means buisness...

That punch less offense came back and mustered just two hits over the next five innings. If it wasn't for Ryan Doumit's 4-for-4 day including a solo bomb in the ninth, would have been the typical Pirate offense minus four hits and a home run.

Lets Dog it up

1 - Brad Eldred (0-4, 3k, 4RLOB)

2. Adam LaRoche (don't know when it will stop)

3. Paul Maholm (what a difference five days makes)
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