Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pauly Shut-Out -- Bucs Win

The way I look at it, if you looked up "Pittsburgh Pirates Victory" in the dictionary this game should be what you would find.
It's painful to watch at times, but it's there.

We don't score alot...

Tonight's game breakdown is simple.

Just look at the positives and negatives.

Positives: 1.Paul Maholm, obviously. CG with 99 pitches, HE THREW STRIKES to all hitters and he let his defense back him up.

2. Jason Bay. He's clockwork. The only Pirate you shouldn't worry about. And now hes breaking out.

3. Flash. Over .300 still, two more hits, setting the table, doing his job. Whether he should be in the 2nd hole or not, it doesn't matter, he is and hes doing a fine job.

4. Paulino, they need him and he might be coming around. Forget a Doumit platoon, the Pirates won't have that happen, so forget it.

Negatives: 1. Adam LaRoche, obviously.

2. Brad Eldred, if you are going to get at-bats, you have to use them. Wouldn't it make sense to have McLouth against righty's and Eldred against lefty's? Eldred doesn't hit for power against Lefty's but he does hit above .200 and McLouth is 50 points better against righty's.

3. The rest of the offense.

The modern Pirates will never be a team to score a lot of runs.

Not to overcome bad pitching.

Not to just give good pitching a big cushion.

The Pirates will only win when they get GREAT pitching and a few timely hits.

It's not the best baseball to watch at times, but it is what it is.

Tip your cap to Pauly, though, real solid work.

Three Stars: (3) Paul Maholm, CG Shutout.

(2) Jason Bay, Only run producer really

(1) Jack Wilson, table setter.

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